Problems solving in electrical engineering (Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering), circuit analysis (Foundations of Circuit Analysis) and electronics
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Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering

Problems solving in electrical engineering — Comparison table of the input/output resistance, current/voltage amplification for amplification stages which have been switched on according to grounded emitter/grounded base/ grounded collector circuits

Parameter/Connection circuit Grounded emitter Grounded base Grounded collector
Rin — input resistance h21e·Re
hundreds of ohms... units of k ohm
re + r'b·(1-h21b)
units ... dozens of ohms
dozens ... hundreds of k ohms
KI — current amplification h21e
50 ... 300
0,98 ... 0,998
h21e + 1
50 ... 300
KU — voltage amplification -Rl/Re
1 ... 100
10 ... 500
< 1
Rout — output resistance Rc·rc*
units of k ohms
dozens of k ohms
dozens of ohms

rc* = rк·(1-h21b) — output impedance of the transistor in the grounded-emitter (GE);;

r'b — resistance of the body base;

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