Problems solving in electrical engineering (Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering), circuit analysis (Foundations of Circuit Analysis) and electronics
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Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering

Order rules of problems solutions in electrical engineering and electronics

  • Terms and cost of the solution will be called only after receiving a full task with schemes and data. The simplest way – to send them to our address -
  • The solution begins only after receiving a full advance payment. Partial advance payments are not accepted.
  • Term of the solution begins on the next day after receiving money.
  • Having made transfer, please let us know – when, on which account, how much and for what purposes was it transferred.
  • We do not bargain – if it was said that the problem solution costs 51 dollars, then do not ask "Is it possible to do for 50 dollars?". We respect our and your time, everyone has a choice – to agree with required sum or not.
  • If the required way of the solution is not specified, we will solve as we consider more correct.
  • We almost always make ready problems solutions in electrical engineering and electronics in MS Word2007. This is due to the fact that there are convenient possibilities to work with formulas. If you can't open such files, it is desirable to report about it in advance during the order, then we convert it in Word2003 or make screenshots.
  • If it is necessary we solve problems with the help of programs Electronic Workbench, MicroCap, LTSpice и MathLab. Orders using other software packages are not yet accepted. Important! We do not provide services for setting up of software packages – we only report that version in which the solution was made.
  • Pay attention that conditions sent by us are valid within 3 days. After that, the cost of the solution and terms may change.
Problems solving in electrical engineering online
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