Problems solving in electrical engineering (Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering), circuit analysis (Foundations of Circuit Analysis) and electronics
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Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering

Solving problems in electrical engineering online

We are often asked if we solve problems in electrical engineering and electronics online. To fully answer this question, we need to understand what is meant by the “solution on-line”. As practice showed, by online problems solving different people understand different things. The main ones:

1. There is possibility to order online the problem solution. In principle all our site is devoted to it. There is no problems – come to the section Order of the problems solving, study it and order.

2. Other activity area is a solution directly online. That is, a person is on test or examination, sends us the task, we solve it and send back. This method is difficult for many reasons therefore we use it very rare. For this purpose it is necessary to coordinate a set of additional conditions – how to receive and send data (SMS, MMS, e-mail, ICQ), how to estimate work if the exact task is not known in advance? and many others. Therefore all conditions must be discussed in detail with our managers. Of course, you need to understand that the online problem solving is more expensive than the solution in the "free mode".

Problems solving in electrical engineering online
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